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Organizing the Nursery

What are some simple nursery organizing tricks?

I like to see a bookcase in the nursery so the baby has access and is used to looking at books. Also, there are wonderful nets that you can put up above the crib. It’s sweet to position the stuffed animals and toys so they’re looking at the baby. In the beginning, you can have simple containers (like ones from the Container Store) on the floor and keep different types of toys in each one - dolls or stuffed animals in one, blocks in another, pull toys in another, and so on. Use simple clear containers so you don’t have to guess what’s inside, and the baby can see things that are alike grouped together. As the baby grows out of some toys, you can replace them, but keep your system going so the baby can see that like goes with like and that you’re organized. That way, he’ll absorb the basics of organizing by the time he can hold her first teddy bear.

a mom tidying up a nursery

Beware of excess stuff. I think it’s important to look at the room and think about your own childhood experience. Very often, we compensate with our children for things we didn’t have. If you are moved to buy the biggest stuffed animals on Planet Earth, stop and ask yourself, “Am I planning a room that is a healthy environment, physically and emotionally, or am I giving my inner child the kind of room or experience that I would have wanted? Are you overcompensating for what you didn’t have? Less is more. Even if a child has 100 stuffed animals, she’ll still only play with one or two - she can’t even see the other 98. Buying a ton of stuff is a senseless exercise in consumerism.

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