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What Is The #1 Thing To Keep Organized?

If I could only keep one thing organized, what should it be and how would I do it?

The bedroom is a great place to start, and you can apply the steps to organizing a bedroom to any other room, or even the kitchen cabinets. There are three steps to getting organized.

  • Eliminate from your bedroom what you no longer need or want, or what doesn’t belong to you. Make three piles or bags: things to donate, things to recycle, things to return. If you find glasses, plates or coffee cups, bring them to the kitchen.

a mom folding clothes on a bed

  • If you’re overwhelmed, set a timer. I call this a speed elimination. Take 10 or 20 minutes or whatever you have, and move like your hair’s on fire. Don’t start saying, “Oh, Aunt Mary gave me this, should we keep it even though we’ll never use it?” If you don’t have the energy - maybe you had a C-section -  consider asking your partner or a friend to do the legwork while you direct them. When it comes to recycling and donating, be sure to follow through and actually get the stuff out of the house. That gives you completion.
  • Completion is a wonderful habit to cultivate. So many people just leave the drawer open after they've taken out what they need. Close the drawer.

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