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Beauty and Style


These days, the term mom fashion means so many things. Whereas our mothers were stuck with elastic jeans and muumuus, we have a variety of cute dresses, luxe leggings and trendy footwear to serve at home, when running errands and even when you're back at work. 

Having to deal with baby messes may make it seem impossible to wear cute clothes again. Even if your child never drools or throws up, you might just not feel like going through your wardrobe. Luckily, dressing stylishly isn't as difficult as fashion magazines make it seem. Fill your wardrobe with the basic essentials: a quality pair of jeans, some cotton t-shirts, a little black dress and a good blazer. As long as you make sure these garments fit you properly, you'll always have something cute to wear out of the house.

Once you have the basics established, you can branch out and stock up on accessories you love. You may want to go with a theme like flowers or photography. Accessories make your wardrobe of basics more versatile, so although you're wearing the same jeans and shirt you wore two days ago, no one will ever notice because of your new scarf or earrings. 

Finally top things off with a pair of fashionable diaper bags. You can stick to one of you want, but two lets you change up your look every once in a while. Tips like these will have you living and looking like your best self.