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8 Things to Know About Your Pisces Child


If your baby was born from February 19th to March 20th, she's a Pisces. While we can't guarantee that every Piscean baby is going to fit the typical profile, we've listed personality traits your kiddo could have so that you can best support her.

From extreme sensitivity to passion and creativity, read on to see if your baby sounds like a true Pisces.

1. They're Extremely Sensitive

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The true mark of a Pisces is a sensitive personality. This means that your little one will be extra-attuned to your emotional state. If you notice that your baby's mood often mirrors your own, it's your Pisces baby showing off her intuitive emotions. It also means that when it comes to discipline, a stern look is often all it takes to let your little Pisces know enough is enough.

2. They Can Be Aloof

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The flip side of being sensitive is that when it comes to getting in disagreements, it stings a lot more. In time your little one may discover that standing back a bit from situations makes it easier than getting overly-attached or hurt. A bit of loving support and understanding can go a long way toward bringing your Piscean out of his shell.

3. They're Very Imaginative

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Pisces children have great imaginations—to the point that you might think she spends a lot of time fibbing. The good news is that she's usually not being malicious, instead, she's sharing her unique vision of how the world is. Pisces children are natural storytellers, so encourage her creativity even while trying to sort fact from fiction.

4. They Can Be Overly-Trusting

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Pisceans are gentle souls who often only see the best in people. This can lead to them quickly trusting people in their lives. While trust in others is usually not a bad thing, it can cause trouble when they come in contact with people who mean them harm. Give your Pisces room to grow, but even if he's sure everything is great, trust your intuition if you think somebody is trying to pull one over on him.

5. They're Quick to Internalize Feelings

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Sensitive Pisces take everything to heart. Because she believes so much in other people, when things go wrong it's hard for her to blame anyone but herself. Try to coax a quiet Pisces to talk about her feelings and let her know that you love her, no matter what.

6. They're Passionate

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Anything worth doing is worth doing a lot. Once a Pisces finds something he loves, he will usually be entirely focused on it. If your little Piscean has a particular toy or lovey that he absolutely has to have with him, it's in his astrological nature. As he ages his focus will likely serve him well in his chosen field.

7. They're Idealistic

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Your Pisces will often strive for, and expect, perfection. While that can be a good trait, it can also hurt a Pisces' sensitive soul when her idealism has caused her to expect unrealistic results. It's good to remember as a parent that you'll need to be more mindful of your Piscean's feelings when things don't work out the way she expected—she may take it to heart more than her non-Pisces peers.

8. They're Daydreamers

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When you're a person who expects perfection, reality can often be hard to deal with. Whiling away the afternoon with dreams of an ideal world can be a preferred Piscean pastime. As long as you make sure he's not running away from his problems through fantasy, some daydreaming is a fun and healthy way to cope with disappointment.

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