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Sometimes, trying to conceive isn't as much fun as it looks in the movies. Instead, waiting for ovulation times and hoping to miss a period can be quite challenging. This process can go on for a long time for some couples, leading them to be discouraged about their prospects of having a child.

Yet, this isn't the only option. When facing infertility, it's important for people to talk with their doctor about next steps. Medical professionals can not only run tests to diagnose the issue and get couples back on track, but can recommend alternate methods for having a baby as well .

Prior to taking any major steps, doctors may ask couples to attempt a few different kinds of therapy to increase their chances of fertility. Minimizing stressors through yoga, meditation and acupuncture can help them come to terms with their situation and deal with the course of action ahead.

Adoption is just one example of an alternative way to have a child. There are so many lovable children, both in the U.S. and around the world, without the parents they need. If infertility is an issue, adoption is a great way to give a wonderful child a home.

Some couples would like to try for a biological child before adopting. In these cases, a doctor may suggest sperm donation, surrogacy or in vitro fertilization. While these techniques may be costly, they work for some couples. Infertility can be a tricky situation, but couples aren't alone in experiencing this challenge.