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Fertility Tips, Treatments, Drugs and Myths


Before you began thinking about having kids, there was likely little reason to consider your fertility. However, once you start family planning, both your and your partner's fertility will be top of mind.

Fertility is a tricky thing to understand, since it's not something you can see or feel. It's also something that's not necessarily set in stone. For example, a woman may have experienced a quick and relatively easy conception with her first child, but found more challenges when trying to get pregnant a second time.

Fertility issues may not come to light until after several months of trying conceive. Many things can affect fertility, including your age, health and emotions. Luckily, a fertility test can provide helpful insight into your ability to conceive. Additionally, fertility treatments help many women become pregnant and grow their families.

A woman's fertility is not the only factor to consider if you're having trouble conceiving. Men can struggle with infertility as well. However, there are some steps your man can take to increase your chances of getting pregnant, like avoiding tight clothing and hot baths.

Choosing to try to start a family is a huge and exciting decision. But it's important to consider both your and your partner's fertility along the way. Knowing where you stand can help you plan out your path to parenthood.