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Conception Tips


The decision to begin or grow your family is an important and exciting decision to make. Many women believe that, once they stop any contraceptive measures they had been practicing, conception should be a piece of cake.

For some lucky women, this might be the case. However, this isn't always so. In fact, the time it takes to get pregnant is different for everyone. One in ten healthy couples may require a year's time to conceive; one in twenty will need two years.

Of course, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of getting pregnant. Cutting back on caffeine can help, as can slowing down your alcohol consumption. Some experts recommend that women
 stop drinking alcohol three months before trying to get pregnant. Quitting smoking is also a good idea.

Increasing your chances at conception aren't all just about cutting back.
 Adding a fitness routine to your lifestyle is an excellent way to have a fit, healthy pregnancy. Unless you are overweight, there's little evidence that working out more will increase your chances - but it certainly won't hurt them, either.

Practicing a healthy diet is also a good way to begin a healthy pregnancy. Nutrition will only become more important once you do conceive, so starting while you're still trying isn't a bad idea. A diet rich in
 fiber, vitamins and minerals is recommended for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.