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Kristi Gilbert also known as The Robot Mommy started blogging after successfully getting her son to eat by talking like a robot.  She then transformed into said robot and has been writing about her family's adventures ever since. Inspired by her infant daughter, imaginative toddler son and supportive husband, she documents life as she knows it: chaotic, coffee soaked and filled with awesomeness. You can also find her hanging out at and obsessively tweeting @therobotmommy


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  • I Am Hazardous To My Health

    Most of the time I blame my children for my lack of sleep. This particular night, I couldn't do that. It was all me.
  • My Son and Breast Milk Lollipops

    After spending a total of 12 minutes on the new toys that they got from the theme park, my son decides to revert back to being a baby...
  • A Mother's Summertime Plea

    I don't want you to have to stop altogether. I just need to see your face for a minute so I can remember...
    Remember my summer days filled with endless sun and swimming pools...
  • Family Videos Cost a Man His Career

    Videos and photos on your phone. Seem innocent but nowadays, whether it's a work phone or your personal cell, you could become victim to allegations.
  • He Renders Me S(peach)less

    My kids are lovely. Two sweet peaches in a basket of rotten fruit. Wait, that's not right. Two sweet peaches that can rot before your eyes.
  • Choices

    You aren't ugly. The words that were used are ugly. You are beautiful and so are your toes.
  • Choices

    You aren't ugly. The words that were used are ugly. You are beautiful and so are your toes.
  • I Bite My Children

    My love for my children knows no bounds and "eating" in the form of never ending kisses and munching sounds is my term of affection.
  • What My Kids Taught Me About Being a Blogger

    Dear Mom: Time with us is more important and a total priority but you knew that. We're your fodder. Pay attention. If you leave your phone and computer out, We will find it and use it for our creative abilities.
  • If My Kids Ran the Household

    I'd love to write a NEW screenplay version of Freaky Friday. In a non-Lindsay Lohan remake, It would switch my son with my hubby and my daughter with me. I think of all the cool things that being two years old again would involve...
  • The Mother Adhesive Theory

    My children yup, both of them currently feel they need to be at my side, under my feet or wrapped around my legs at all times. This occurs when I'm cooking, cleaning, relaxing and IN THE FREAKING BATHROOM!