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Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick

Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick

Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick is a family photographer and photography coach for parents with Photosanity. A former architect and interior designer, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and her two boys Liam, age four, and Jack, age one. Alethea is on a mission to help parents more fully experience the precious fleeting moments of their children's lives through photography. Sign up for a free video lesson with her Top 5 Tips for Photosanity. See all of Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick's writing on Mom365

Kristin Zimmermann

Kristin Zimmermann

Celeb-obsessed freelance writer Kristin Zimmermann also works as the content and social-media manager for When not writing or reading she is dabbling in floristry, gardening, cooking, and more recently, organic chemistry -- or making her own beauty products with organic ingredients. See all of Kristin Zimmermann's writing on Mom365

Leah Mann Profile Photo

Leah Mann

Leah (a.k.a. agirlandaboy) is pregnant with her second child, due July 2012, and to be perfectly honest, is kind of freaking out about it. She'll be hanging out at Mom365 to share more honesty, as well as tips, news, links, suggestions, and commiseration with all you other pregnant mamas out there.

Leah has been writing online since 2003. You can find her all over the Internet, but mostly at her personal blog,, and on Twitter as @agirlandaboy.

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Rachel Engel

Rachel is a stay-at-home mom to her 6-month-old daughter and lives in Texas with her husband, who is in the Air Force. Moving 3 times and surviving 3 deployments is nothing compared to raising an active and very vocal child. She enjoys “beginning” a work-out regimen every Monday and then quitting it by Wednesday, teaching her daughter to stick out her tongue, and trying to drown out the constant airplane sounds around her house by blaring music and dancing. She also maintains a blog detailing her up-and-down attempts at parenting. See all of Rachel Engel's writing on Mom365

Valerie Reiss

Valerie Reiss is's Managing Editor. She has written for The New York Times, Newsweek, The Huffington Post, Women's Health, Natural Health, Yoga Journal, Beliefnet, and more. She's mama to a very adorable baby boy. See all of Valerie Reiss's writing on Mom365

Kristi Gilbert Profile Photo

Kristi Gilbert


Kristi Gilbert also known as The Robot Mommy started blogging after successfully getting her son to eat by talking like a robot.  She then transformed into said robot and has been writing about her family's adventures ever since. Inspired by her infant daughter, imaginative toddler son and supportive husband, she documents life as she knows it: chaotic, coffee soaked and filled with awesomeness. You can also find her hanging out at and obsessively tweeting @therobotmommy

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Marisa Belger Profile Photo

Marisa Belger

Marisa Belger is a Brooklyn-based writer, editor and mama. When not running around with her five-year old boy -- or preparing for the birth of his little brother -- she writes about parenting, natural beauty, wellness and green living for publications like Natural Health, Prevention and, or collaborates on books like Josh Dorfman's The Lazy Environmentalist.


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Morgan Benzian Profile Photo

Morgan Benzian

Morgan is a blogger and freelance writer living in Southern California with her two daughters and flock of backyard chickens. She is also the Associate Editor for and the Quicken blog. Her work has been featured on,, The Huffington Post, and San Diego Home and Garden Magazine. In her spare time she enjoys fake shopping online, writing love letters to Ryan Gosling, and avoiding folding laundry. You can read more of her at


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Victoria Sophia

Victoria Sophia thinks the best title she has ever had is mom, which is a good thing because she's a mom of four. While she still awaits an app to do laundry and clean behind the sofa, she can be found wishing and hoping for a few more hours in the day -- so she can catch up with everything on her DVR. Follow her on Twitter at

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Ilana Wiles Profile

Ilana Wiles

Ilana Wiles is the writer behind Mommy Shorts, a humor blog which chronicles her personal parenting stories alongside caption contests, fan photo albums and comment competitions. Ilana is based in downtown Manhattan where she, her husband and their two-year-old daughter Mazzy try desperately to fight the parental exodus to the 'burbs.

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Heather Hopp-Bruce

Heather Hopp-Bruce has three little girls ages 2-ish to 5-ish. She used to be a full-time mom before she started working full-time again, so now she works full-time all day and also works full-time when she's not at work, and though she loves her full-time job she misses the previous full-time situation, except when there is barf involved, then not so much. She lives in Boston with her husband, the aforementioned barfers, and two imaginary dogs the whole family wish were real, but are not gluttons for punishment despite evidence to the contrary.  Heather also blogs at

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Kristen Chase Blogger

Kristen Chase

Kristen Chase is a mom of four and author of The Mominatrix's Guide to Sex, a funny frank advice book for new and seasoned moms. You can find her dishing out sex tips for parents on her popular bi-monthly column "The Mominatrix."



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Lindsay Wright

Lindsay Wright blogs at the inspirational healthy living site, Lindsay’s List, where she shares her fitness journey as a NASM-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. A stay-at-home mom to two toddlers, Lindsay’s just trying to balance fitness, family and fun!! Find her at



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Coco Cana

All day long my kids do crazy things that make me laugh, cry, roll my eyes, clench my teeth, chuckle, scream or just shake my head and walk out of the room. When I can convince them that I have to go to the bathroom alone, I jot down their antics and turn them into top 10 lists so I can make other moms who are living the same crazy life laugh.  I have a preschool daughter, a toddler son and a wonderful husband who will change diapers (the poopy ones too!) and even load the dishwasher (correctly!). My other passions in life include writing, cooking, photography, lounging on a tropical beach and hanging out with Clooney at his villa on Lake Como.  Thanks for stopping by!  For more funny follow me on twitter or check out my page on facebook if you "like!"  


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Name Lady Profile Photo

The Name Lady

When was the last time you met a pair of kids named John and Mary? The traditional names that ruled America for centuries are vanishing. Parents are obsessing over creative name choices, and celebrities are branding and re-branding themselves like products. Even surnames have burst wide open, as couples rethink the whole concept of family names.

Meet The Name Lady, your tour guide for this strange new naming world.  The Name Lady is an expert and opinionated name consultant, backed by the naming authorities behind and  Follow her here for the latest baby name trends, news from the celebrity baby names beat and solutions to real-life naming dilemmas. If you have a naming question of your own, you can drop her a line at

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Debate Mom

Kristina Cappetta, a.k.a. Debate Mom, is a former TV News Producer turned stay at home mom to two beautiful little girls. After years of writing depressing news stories, Kristina turned to the blogging world and created The Mommy Rundown to talk about the things moms everywhere are dealing with as they raise their children. She loves to tackle the issues and hear what you have to say, and give her opinion too, of course! Follow me on Twitter @kcappetta!

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Susie Ochs Profile Photo

Tech Mom

Susie Ochs is the executive editor at Mac|Life magazine ( and her work has also appeared in MaximumPC, MaximumTech, MacFormat, Tap!, and She lives in San Francisco and has an adorable 2-month-old named Christopher. You can follow her on Twitter at @sfsooz.

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Katie Mom365 Blogger


In the past three years, I've gone from being a single chick living in NYC to married with a son in Seattle. Apparently I'm pretty adaptable, because I really haven't missed a beat throughout these major life-changing events. Don't get me wrong: Marriage can be rough, and of course having a half sweet/half maniacal 3-year-old isn't always a cakewalk. But family is important to me, and I'm glad I finally got one of my own! 

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Jen Mom365 Profile Photo


I'm the mom of two energetic, happy, and delightful children. We currently live on the outskirts of Boston, where we enjoy exploring the many parks and playgrounds found in and around our neighborhood.

I love to read and hope to instill that love in my children by making frequent trips to the library. I also knit in my spare time, but with two young children, spare time is a rarity. That's why I have 3 unfinished scarves and a barely started blanket in my closet.


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Kia Wood Profile Photo


I'm associate editor at Mom365, keeping the blogs updated with the latest in baby news and research. I also hang out a lot in the community and on the Mom365 Facebook page, making sure things stay lively and organized. Though childless, I love kids and babies, and am sure this position has armed me with more than enough information on being a mom :)

I have been a freelance writer for a few years, and prior to that, I worked in reality TV (Yikes! Don't ask.). In my free time I like to read, write, cook and procrastinate on Pinterest.

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 I oversee editorial and community coverage at Mom365 and try to make sure it's helpful and fun. After years of writing and editing - and reading - articles for moms, I hope I've learned a thing or two about raising happy, imaginative kids. Got props or complaints about our editorial? Let me know!

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The Baby News

The Baby News reports on what's newsworthy in the world of parenting, developmental research and health. It's written by Mom365's editors - follow us for breaking stories from newspapers and journals in the US and around the world, and join the conversation about what matters to moms.

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