Posted by Kristi Gilbert

Tonight, I painted my son's toenails because he asked me to. When he went out to show off his "new" nails, he was told they were ugly by a family member.

He returned to me with a lowered chin, clearly feeling ugly. "Please take it off, Mom. I'm ugly."

You aren't ugly. The words that were used are ugly. You are beautiful and so are your toes.

My son made a choice to ask me to paint his toes. I chose to paint them. Someone else chose to use words to make those choices seem "stupid"

And nail polish comes off.

If my son wants to wear nail polish, I honor that choice to express himself (his favorite uncle does it so therefore he wants to)
If my son wants to wear his sister's tutu and dress like a princess, that's also his choice.

He looks adorable. It makes him a boy in a costume. There's no hidden meaning. No hidden agenda to get gay marriage passed as law. It's a tutu.

If my son wants to wear my lipstick while I get ready to go out with my husband on date night, I will choose to teach him how to pucker his lips so I can apply it right.
Then ask him to kiss my mirror.

Because it's adorable.

Clothes can come off. Makeup can be removed. Words can stay inside your heart and head forever.

Before you talk to my children, choose your words wisely. Or I'm left to make a few choices of my own.



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