Alyssa Milano Spent Time with Her Newborn Son Instead of Dropping Her Baby Weight

Actress says, "I gave myself a lot of time"

Posted by Natalie Zutter

Alyssa Milano is one of those celebrity moms with a penchant for real talk and for keeping her Hollywood priorities in order. Maybe it’s because she was a child star, so by the time she became a mom she was more ready to transition into her new and exciting, albeit less glamorous, role.

At a Mother’s Day event in Hollywood last weekend, Alyssa explained that she didn’t hold herself to any kind of timeline to lose the weight after she gave birth to son Milo Thomas last year. “I just was very kind to myself and gave myself a lot of time,” she said. “No pressure.” And anyway, it’s not like she needed an expensive trainer! “I find any sort of weight loss is about eating less and moving more, so I just did that and took my time.”

Now, this is not to say that other celebrity moms aren’t paying attention to their kids just because they decide to up their hours at the gym after giving birth. After all, that gives their newborns quality time with their partners. At the same time, if you actively count all the hours per week that a celebrity mom probably spends at the gym -- just think of all the tabloid photos of stars in yoga pants! -- or sequestered with the trainer... it adds up. They’re not supposed to have any distractions while they get their pre-baby body back, and their child likely counts as one. By contrast, normal moms who don’t make money off their looks or acting gigs are lucky if they make it to the gym a few times a month. It’s nice to see a celebrity bridge that divide.

In fact, Alyssa’s attention is so focused on Milo that she’s not even thinking about baby number two for a while. “I’m enjoying this one,” she said, adding, “We’re not actively trying.”

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