Baby Product Recalls: Week of March 4th-March 8th

Posted by Brett Singer

Welcome once again to Mom365 Product Recalls Roundup. Today we have two (2) scooters that are being recalled because they go too fast. Read on for the details.

Hello Kitty City Motor Scooters

Hello Kitty is sooo cute, right? Apparently her scooters could go just a bit too fast for little kids to keep up with. (In the interest of keeping a lighter tone, try saying "Hello Kitty City" ten times fast — but not if you are at work or your kids are nearby.) There have been "nine reports of incidents of City Scooters accelerating unintentionally, including three with minor injuries that include a bloody nose and bruises," according to the Commission.

Bloody noses are bad. Luckily the remedy in this recall is a refund.

The battery-operated electric scooters were sold exclusive at Toys R Us in stores and online from October 2012 through January 2013. The price was about $279. Here's how to tell if you have one in your house:

The product is called "City Scooters" and these particular models will be either pink or black "with Hello Kitty graphics on the front panel, footboard and rear fenders." Look underneath the center platform of the scooter for the following:

  • A label that says "Item No.: 8801-03" along with a manufacture date that is formatted in an unusual way — YYYY/MM/DD. The example the Commission gives is 20121006, which translates to October 6, 2012. Photos can be found at the CPSC's website.

  • The serial number. Affected scooters will have the letters "QYCEI" and a six-digit number that is between 000001 through 014456 etched below the label with the item number on it.

If you have the scooter, stop using it and bring it back to Toys R Us to get your refund. The Commission suggests removing the battery first. Consumers can call Dynacraft at (800) 551-0032 with any questions.

Monster High City Motor Scooters

Another City Scooter, this time with Monster High stickers on it, is also being recalled. Different brand, same issue, and luckily the same remedy, which is a refund.

There are some differences other than the fact that one scooter features Hello Kitty and the other Monster High. The Monster High City Scooters were sold exclusive at Walmart, in stores and online, between November 2012 and January 2013 for approximately $249.

In this case the City Scooters are purple or black, with Monster High graphics. Here are the model and serial numbers:

  • Look underneath the scooter for a label that says "Item No.: 8801-14" along with a manufacture date that is formatted in the same unusual way — YYYY/MM/DD. Basically, the date comes first and there are no slash marks; for example, 20121009. Check the CPSC's website for photos.

  • The serial number, which should be near the label that says "Item No." Affected Monster High scooters will have the letters "QYCEI" but the six-digit number is different: between 003125 and 014456.

Once again, if you have this scooter, stop using it, take out the battery so it doesn't start moving involuntarily, and take it to Walmart for a refund. As with the Hello Kitty scooters, consumers can call Dynacraft at (800) 551-0032 with any questions.

Remember — no matter what you drive, make sure to drive safely. See you next time.

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