Mom Lesson: Crawling Changes the Game!

Posted by Rachel Engel

So, this crawling thing - I'm up in the air about it. On one hand, I'm thrilled to pieces that my little one is hitting her milestones like she should. But on the other hand, OH MY GOSH, her little butt can scurry out of my line of vision in a HURRY!

No more dashing into the kitchen to make a quick bottle or grab some water  while she hangs out on the floor. No more lounging next to her while she squeals and giggles and flails her limbs around; those limbs have learned their purpose, and they are on a mission to take over the household. Yep, my days of relatively easy mommyhood are officially over.

One minute she's banging on the glass doors of the entertainment center, and in the next she has crawled over to the metal bouncer and is trying to access it from the outside. No sooner do I put her down, than she's trying to literally crawl underneath the coffee table, or she's off chasing after the dog. The poor pup is terrified; this tiny little thing that used to sit sweetly and calmly in my arms is now chasing after him with a cheesy grin on her face, drool coming out of her mouth, as fast as she can.


Not to mention, the thousands of little cries, whimpers and stuck-out-lips I have endured since she began crawling. She's had more topples and falls into furniture than ever before. The living room is no longer a safe place for her, and I feel like I should invest in a padded room for the house so that she can run amok in peace. Since my husband vetoed that idea (meanie), I'm currently in the process of purchasing some kind of containment facility, reminiscent of the one the Rugrats always managed to break out of, no problem. Hopefully my little darling doesn't have the mental capacity of Tommy Pickles, and thank goodness I don't use cloth diapers with a safety pin that can easily be used to pick a lock.

Until the baby cage is assembled, however, this mommy can be found running from one corner of the house to the other, muttering, "No, no, not the dog's food," and, "No, no, not the spiderweb in the corner of the dining room," and "No, no, not into the bathroom cabinets." I'm sure she thinks NoNo is her new name.

But I will adapt, overcome and conquer this new adventure, both mine and hers... until she starts walking. And then the adventure will start all over again, except elevated and with more bumps and falls.

When did your baby first start crawling?

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