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I'm Tracking My Baby's Every Move with Baby Connect

My go-to parent app

Posted by Tech Mom

My son is 2 months, 13 days old. His all-time sleep record is 9 hours, 23 minutes. In the month of December I breastfed him for a whopping 100 hours, 2 minutes, and changed his diaper 221 times. And It took me about 1 minute to look up this information. Yes, I am a super nerd, but these stats are all easily tracked with Baby Connect.

Baby Connect's home screen has a list of recent entries, and buttons along the bottom for graphs, the timeline, emailable reports, and settings. All the data automatically syncs to a free online account.

Available for iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, Android, and your laptop or desktop, Baby Connect lets you enter data for your baby's feedings (nursing, bottles, solid food, you name it), diaper changes and sleep. You can track milestones like rolling over, and activities like tummy time and playing in the park. During doctor's appointments, you can quickly note your baby's weight, height, temperature, vaccinations and head circumference. You can even add photos and treat it like a digital baby book.

If your baby goes to day care or a sitter, that person can also enter data, because all the info is backed up to a free online account. You simply authorize additional caregivers by email address. That way, you could fire up the app at work and see that your baby is sound asleep, enjoying a bottle, or playing in the sandbox - depending on how detailed your caregivers are with their entries.

Each entry only takes a few taps, depending on how detailed you want to be.

As detailed as Baby Connect is, getting the hang of it is a cinch, no matter how sleep deprived you are. The home screen is customizable, and shows you at a glance how long it's been since baby's last meal, nap, and diaper change. Each entry is super quick, requiring just a few taps, but it's easy to add extra notes whenever you like. I started using it in the hospital, and every time a nurse asked, "How long since he's eaten?' or "When did he last wet his diaper?" the answer was literally at my fingertips.

The bar graphs are just fun - and how about my 10-week-old sleeping through the night for 9 nights and counting?! If I really wanted to brag, I could post this graph to Facebook by tapping the Share button at the bottom-left.

Once we came home, I started tracking tummy time, baths, car rides and naps. I love checking out the bar graphs that total all the data and the nifty timeline feature. At our 3-week appointment, the pediatrician gently told me I could stop, since everything was going well. But I don't want to. It's just too helpful - when the eat-sleep-poop grind of caring for an infant gets disorienting, it's a comfort to fire up Baby Connect and get our bearings: "Why are you so fussy - didn't you just eat? Oh. It's been 3 hours. OK, then." I can even set reminder alarms to make it easy (well, easier) to stick to a routine.

The app is $4.99 for iPhone, a separate $4.99 purchase for iPad, and $4.99 for Android. (I bought both the iPad and iPhone versions, but virtually only use the iPhone one - its one-handed simplicity just can't be beat.) To see Baby Connect in action, check out the demo videos, or take the free online version for a spin. 


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