Stop Breastfeeding! The CDC Says No to Nursing Around Vaccinations

Are we hearing correctly??

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Update: This story has been widely reported - but in fact, none of the recent reports, including this one, got the facts straight. The CDC report we reference below talks about "evaluating" the benefits of postponing breastfeeding to boost the efficacy of the rotavirus vaccination, and the doctors who made the report were especially concerned with infant populations in developing countries. Our apologies, and thanks to those who commented. 

Experts keep telling us that breastmilk is better for babies than formula because its unique immune-boosting capabilities protect infants from all kinds of illnesses.

Now, the Center for Disease Control is theorizing that these same immune-boosting properties  compromise the effectiveness of early vaccinations, specifically the rotavirus vaccine that since 2006 has been routinely given to protect infants against intestinal infections. The advice of the CDC: Postpone breastfeeding around the time of your baby's vaccinations to give the vaccine a chance to do its work.


According to an article last year in USA Today, "diarrhea caused by rotavirus ... is usually self-limited and treated at home, but before the vaccine was introduced, the virus was responsible for about 200,000 emergency room visits and 400,000 physician office visits a year." Routine vaccination resulted in 89%  fewer rotavirus-specific hospitalizations in children who had gotten the vaccine compared to unvaccinated children. Apparently the CDC wants to make the vaccine 100% effective by telling moms not to breastfeed their infants.

We're supposed to give our babies formula at 2, 4 and 6 months - the spacing of the vaccination series - just to increase the effectiveness of a vaccination that stops babies getting something we can treat at home with rest, hugs and Pedialyte? Even though breastfeeding itself has been found to be almost as effective as the vaccine in reducing the risk of rotavirus-related diarrhea in babies?

What do you think? Would you listen to your doc if he recommended that you postpone breastfeeding for the sake of this vaccine?




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