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Breastfed babies cry more

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It's not often some preceivably negative information comes out about breastfeeding, but a new study in PLoS One is sure to rankle some moms - researchers have found that breastfed babies cry more.

UK researchers asked 316 moms to rate the behavior of their 3-month-old infants. In comparison to formula-fed infants, breastfed babies were described as showing “greater distress,” “less smiling” and “lower soothability.”

However researchers say that irritability is normal for a breastfed baby - it's the way baby communicates with mom,  and women shouldn't be detered from breastfeeding because of it.

Study authors noted that while formula fed babies may appear more content, but they may also be overfed and gain weight too quickly.

However critics of the study say it is faulty for asking the moms to assess their baby's temperament, instead of using more scientific means. Many also say the pool of moms in the study is too small, and it's unclear whether the study controlled for issues like colic.

Do you think this study got it right? In your experience, have breastfed babies cried more?




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