So Beyonce Had a Baby... Can We Move on Now?

Posted by Kristi Gilbert


Ugh. Another day. Another headline about Baby Blue Ivy. If you have been living under a rock (and lucky if you are because this news story has been so overdone!), Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z had a little girl

In the above article, Beyonce and family was given first class treatment since she was born into Hollywood royality. Tons of rumors about how much they spent for their stay at the hospital (1.3 million), who was allowed in (no grandparents allowed and heavy additional security) and what was displayed at the hospital as noted in the article above (Supposably, signs were put out that stated SPECIAL EVENT)

Fact: they had a baby. Fact: she's been provided housing with an estimated 2200 feet of space. Fact: the amount of news coverage has actually caused me to lose brain cells.

Bringing a child into this world is no easy feat. From gestation to birth, it's not a piece of cake-even for the easiest pregnancy.  Then there's the job of raising them right, keeping them healthy, fostering an education and hoping for the best.  I'm sure that B and J have similar worries. They are new parents after all. New parents with a limitless amount of baby-spending moola. 

No amount of money, fame or prestige will make this baby any more special than mine or yours. We didn't have a $600,000 solid gold rocking horse for our baby girl. If we did, it would've been traded in at CASH4GOLD and put in an IRA for college. i know my kid would rather play with the box anyway.  We had a nursery/storage room with our first baby. My son isn't any worse off knowing his play area was shared with high school yearbooks and trophys. In my eyes, we were preparing him for a fruitful high school experience. 

Do I see Blue Ivy's first days on the Earth and wish I could do more for my babies? Hell no! We've given them the most important things a parent could: shelter, food, arms to hold them, teachings, discipline and love. 

Besides, my kids' are super talented. Our time will come. 



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