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Are Mom Tats the Hot New Trend?

Posted by The Baby News

Nothing says I love you like a tattoo, right?

Some celebrity moms have taken to tattooing tributes to their babies on their bodies, and supposedly women across America are jumping the mommy tattoo trend.

Blame Angelina and Posh Spice. The would-be Mrs. Brad Pitt has made a tradition of tattooing the global coordinates of  her babies' birth places on her arm.  Victoria Beckham has tattooed a Hebrew love poem for her kids down the back of her neck.

Dallas Fox 4 News talked to mom of 6 Amber Adams about her tattoos - 2 flowers on her feet for her oldest 3 kids. She plans on getting more for her younger kids.

“I’ll be able to tell them, ‘You know what? This is the reason I got this and this is why this is so special to me because you’re special to me,’” the proud mom told Fox 4.

However, in related tattoo news, actor Mark Wahlberg is in the process of removing all of his tattoos to be a good example to his 4 kids.

"I don't want to have my kids getting tattoos... I’m taking my two oldest kids with me to the procedure, where they can see how painful that is," he recently said on the Today show.

What do you think about tattoos? Would you get one for your child?


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