Why I Love my Bumbo

Bumbos were recalled due to lack of common sense

Posted by Kristi Gilbert

A few things have made my life easy as a mom: the sling I carried my firstborn in, the swing that my son slept in more often than not, and my blue Bumbo chair.

Once my son was able to hold his head up and start to sit on his own, in came the Bumbo seat for feeding times. It was awesome. I'd place it on the floor and feed him Cheerios and fruit. I'd use it to take pictures of him. I'd place him in it after naps to play singing games and read books with him. I even used it as a place to keep him safe if I was cleaning the house around him.

I loved that thing!! So I kept it for my baby daughter.

Then it got recalled. Why? Supposably, parents were putting their children in Bumbos on tables and other elevated surfaces. Some people were using them as car seats. The Bumbo was recalled because parents were not using common sense.

This is from the recall site: the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced an updated recall regarding Bumbo "Baby Sitter" Seats due to a potential fall hazard. 

So much for buying these awesome chairs for my soon-to-be-mommy friends.

The fact is, this seat has been recalled several times. It kept getting yanked off the market and then returned when the company figured it was safe to return to stores OR when the company was losing money.

Frankly, I don't blame them for trying to put the Bumbo back in stores.

Do you think the Bumbo should be back on the market? Did you use one for your child? How do you think the company should approach selling this product to avoid unnecessary injuries?


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