The Secret Lives of Babies

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Worried about your LO at daycare? Don't worry - she's got friends to take care of her. A new study has revealed that babies as young as 6 months are making friends and looking out for one another.  

Australian researchers wanted to explore how babies cope in daycare, and they wanted to see it from baby's perspective. So they fitted infants ages 6 to 18 months with camera-rigged hats for 15 minutes at a time. The resulting video footage revealed that babies are using sophisticated social skills to make friends, attract attention, manage group situations and even make one another laugh. 

Researchers found that babies interact with each other through eye contact, subtle gestures, and humor. One piece of footage revealed the experience of a new child starting daycare. At first the children tried to reassure the new baby by touching and others ways of interacting, until they realized they were scaring her. They then brought over a piece of material to cover and shelter the new child, which brought her comfort. 

Overall, researchers found babies capable of much more sophisticated social interaction than they'd anticipated - a finding which they hope will reassure parents. 



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