Recall Alert: Infants’ TYLENOL Oral Suspension

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A voluntary recall has been issued for over 500,000 bottles of Infants' TYLENOL Oral Suspension, 1oz. Grape as a precaution after numerous complaints regarding the dosing syringe.

Parent company McNeil had recently implemented a new protective cover, or "flow restrictor," to  Infants' Tylenol, in  hope of helping dose the medicine and prevent spills. However a number of parents have reported that the protective cover instead was pushed into the bottle when the syringe was inserted. 

If your bottle is not defective and the flow restrictor has not fallen into the bottle, the medicine is still safe to use. However if your flow restrictor has fallen into the bottle, you should not use the medicine and contact McNeil at 1-888-222-6036 or online at for a refund.



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