Plane Passenger Opens Emergency Exit Because of Crying Baby

Posted by Kristi Gilbert

 It always seems that the craziest stuff happens on a plane. Even one that's not in the air.

Take, for instance, a man from Vietnam who pulled the emergency exit latch and triggered the escape slide. All for a crying baby and his mother.

Being a mother myself I appreciate this man's "act of kindness." Yet I wonder what the heck was going through his head. I understand that a mom with a screaming child wanted a quick getaway and asked for help. And the plane was on the tarmac. He was just being a nice guy, right?

According to the article, its unclear why the woman asked the man to help her so emphatically. Now what seemed like somewhat of a good deed could cost the man a $950 fine for releasing the exit and $10,000 to refit the slide.

Have you ever fantasized about making a quick escape through the emergency door when your little one was screaming?


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