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Breastfeeding Myths Debunked


There’s a lot of misinformation about breastfeeding a baby, let us confirm or debunk some common breastfeeding myths.

Breastfeeding Is Exhausting

Whether you feed your baby formula or breast milk, being a new mom is tiring! However, when you breastfeed in the middle of the night, your body releases hormones that will help you get back to sleep. Without these hormones, you could be lying awake after those middle of the night feedings.

Drink Milk To Make Milk

If you don't like the taste of milk, you can still breastfeed. It's not necessary to drink milk in order to make it. Instead, eat a healthy diet full of a variety of foods.

Breastfeeding Won't Work If You're Stressed

It's a common misconception that you need to be calm and relaxed all the time in order for breastfeeding to work. However, women have breastfed throughout the world's darkest days, including through war and famine. Instead, the hormones released when you breastfeed can have a calming effect, which means breastfeeding can help if you're stressed.

Toughen Up Your Nipples

Some moms think they need to toughen up their nipples before the baby arrives so they have an easier time nursing. However, this isn't necessary at all. Avoid any creams that claim to help prepare your nipples for nursing. While they won't do any harm, they won't help either! Instead, the best thing you can do to prepare to start breastfeeding a baby is to have a supportive partner and a helpful lactation consultant, friend, or relative who can help show you how to properly latch your baby.

Fair Skinned Blondes and Redheads Have More Sensitive Nipples

Sore nipples are caused by a baby who isn't latched correctly, not your skin tone or hair color. If it hurts when you nurse, talk to your healthcare provider or a lactation consultant for help with proper positioning.

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